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Our mission is to promote dance. We strive to provide dance instruction to support health benefits, social interactions, and cultural awareness. We also aim to foster positive connections to engage a community in service, fundraising, and unity. As instructors, we continue to cultivate positive energy as we spread the joy & elegance.


THE HISTORY OF THE PHILLY BOP The Philly Bop is a smooth version of the Lindy Hop / Jitterbug / East Coast Swing, which are all dances that can be traced back to the 1920s. The 6-count (double step, double step, rock step) is the basic Jitterbug / East Coast Swing dance pattern. In the 50's, Philadelphia African Americans created their own version of the dance and called it The Philly Bop. This dance consists of the same 6-count steps, but the foot movement differs (double step, double step, step-step). When Philadelphia African-Americans were able to appear on “American Bandstand,” at 46th and Market, they showcased the Philly Bop -- the "smoothed out Jitterbug / East Coast Swing. " This 6-count dance has gliding footwork and continuous hand connections between the partners. Music for The Philly Bop includes the Motown sound (Temptations, Marvin Gaye, etc.) as well as smooth jazz & blues.